Effective grievance mechanisms


In today’s corporate landscape, it’s increasingly common for companies to have channels for employees to voice their concerns and grievances. Some organizations offer multiple such channels. However, it’s essential to avoid the misconception that the absence of grievances implies smooth operations with no conflicts to report. The question then is: how many grievances should you receive to determine that your grievance mechanism is actually working well?

This training provides participants with tools to create, manage and assess effective grievance mechanisms in their companies. During the course, participants learn many ways to manage complaints, the different channels that exist, the basic principles that any system should comply with, among many other important aspects of grievance mechanisms.

Client:  LEGO

“With this training, I found new ideas to implement in my everyday life. I also reflected on how to encourage people in the company to raise the issues that disturb them. I take away many good ideas to improve our grievance mechanism”.

Date: September 2023

Location: Online

Scope: Poland, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Slovakia