Training of Trainers for labour inspectors


This capacity-building program for labour inspectors in Armenia was designed to unfold in three phases. The strategic structure of this initiative aimed at providing a holistic approach to enhancing their skills and knowledge.

In the initial phase, the training aimed at developing transversal competencies among the labor inspectors. This foundational training laid the groundwork for fostering a skill set and a deepened understanding of their roles and responsibilities, with a special focus on their collaborative communication skills.

During the second phase, the inspectors started a coaching process which lasted 5 months. This phase was designed to allow participants to apply and build upon the knowledge acquired during the initial training. Through personalized coaching, participants improved their abilities, addressing specific challenges and refining their skills in real-world scenarios.

Finally, the inspectors received training to enrich their expertise to a level where they could effectively train their peers and employers, so they are not only able to support employers individually but also train employers and other inspector and workers in any learning environment. After this course, labour inspectors can be facilitators of change and help employers create a better working environment where workers can work to their full potential.

Client:  International Labour Organization

“The training was truly a treasure for the labour inspectors and I hope that they will take the best out of it and will soon institutionalize it”.

Date: June – November 2023

Location: Armenia

Scope: Armenia

English – Armenian