Violence and harassment at the workplace: A good practices guide for companies


The Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights require companies to effectively manage real and potencial risks of human rights violations, as well as safety and health risks at work. In terms of violence and harassment, this would imply the following basic components:
(1) Evaluating risks of violence and harrassment, including psico-social risks;
(2) Adopting all necessary measures to prevent and addressviolence and harassment, and applying the correspondent sactions;
(3) Following up on the effectiveness of the measures and processesadopted; and
(4) Comunicating what the company is doing regarding the violence and harassment.
This tool is designed to support companies in adopting and implementing a policy to prevent and address violence and harassment in the workplace, in consultation with workers and their representatives.

Client:  International Labour Organization

Date: 2021

Location: Guatemala

Scope: Latin America

Language: Spanish