Training on Grievance Mechanisms


Many companies understand that having a grievance mechanism is now a “must”. Some view them as an opportunity to address workers’ concerns…. And everyone wants to learn how to make them functional and ensure that workers actually trust them and use them.
In this course, participants learn the basic principles that all grievance mechanisms need to follow, to make sure they are working efficiently. The training provides participants with tools to create, manage and assess effective grievance mechanisms in their companies. During the course, participants learn many ways to manage complaints, the different channels that exist, the basic principles that any system should comply with, among many other important aspects of grievance mechanisms.

Client:  LEGO

“In this course, I learned that it is not enough to have an “open doors policy” and a grievance box if you don’t have proper procedures and system in place. That grievance mechanisms need to be really accessible and simple to understand. Now, I have an action plan which is achievable and that is going to make us receive input and feedback in easy ways”.

Date: October 2023

Location: Mexico

Scope: Mexico