Ensuring equality and diversity in hiring processes


In 2017, Human Resources managers from different companies participated in a training where they revised their policies and procedures to ensure equality and diversity.
In 2019, they wanted to upgrade their skills and put in place an Equality and Diversity Plan in their companies.
Through the training, they were able to deepen on the negative impact of discrimination at the workplace and learned how to plan and implement actions to prevent and address it.

Client:  International Labour Organization, Asociación Hondureña de Maquiladores

“Now I see how we judge people in interviews based on the stereotypes that we have learned through roles in society. To ensure gender equality we definitely have to shift our perspectives. Doing things as we have always done them is not always the best option. We need to keep our minds open to other ideas, options and opinions”

Date: February, 2019

Location: San Pedro Sula, Honduras; Guatemala City, Guatemala

Scope: Honduras, Guatemala