Identifying gender discrimination in the workplace


In today’s world, labour inspectors are required to have knowledge and practical skills to address gender-based discrimination within the workplace. It is not always easy to talk about this issue, as it often implies hard but interesting conversations.
This course aims at increasing awareness among labor inspectors from Moldova, regarding stereotypes and gender-based discrimination prevalent in society. Through very practical sessions, participants learn how to recognize the different types of gender-based discrimination and its manifestations in the workplace. This way, they gain practical tools to identify these situations during inspection visits, they enhance their communication skills in order to engage with both employers and workers, and they learn how to advocate for gender equality within workplaces, fostering a culture of awareness and inclusivity.

Client:  International Labour Organization

“This training has been such a positive experience, and also quite challenging for us. We gained basic, valuable understanding of what gender-discrimination means, and at the same time, we had some difficult conversations, which I’m sure we will be revisiting in the future”.

Date: February 2024

Location: Moldova

Scope: Moldova

English – Romanian