Finding the best person for the job


To find the best person who will occupy a particular position in the company, we can’t base the decision on our intuition. This is because that intuition or instinct is full of stereotypes and judgments that have little to do with the actual person who is applying for the job.
In this course, we analyze in a detailed way how to design a job description, a recruitment process, and the suitable selection tools to guarantee that the hiring process is objective. This way, we can assure we are selecting the best person for the job in an objective way.

Client:  Asociación Hondureña de Maquiladores

“I feel like we can improve greatly all our selection tools and processes, especially the job interview. This is a very practical course; I can now go back to work with very specific actions and practices to implement.”

Date: June 2021

Location: Online

Scope: Honduras