Due Diligence on Child Labour


Child labour is present throughout the tea and coffee supply chains. Producers in Uganda require tools to prevent and eradicate child labour from their production, be it in their own facilities or in their suppliers’ operations.
To become local agents of change, participants increased their technical knowledge on international and national child labor requirements as well as improved their competencies to be able work along with their outgrowers and other stakeholders to identify child labour and promote sustainable practices to avoid it.
Through the training participants were able reflect on the specific challenges they face and learned how to use different practical tools to implement in practice the different steps in a Due Diligence process by which companies identify, prevent, manage and accounts for negative impacts occurring in its operations or in their value chain.
These companies are now in a better position to work within their supply chains to create a better future for children in Uganda.

Client:  International Labour Organization, Federation of Uganda Employers

“This has been so engaging. So interactive. The interaction with the other participants. It provides ground to learn from one another, to learn from our experiences, share our experiences, working in groups and also with you Helena, it has definitely benefitted me.”

Date: December, 2022

Location: Online

Scope: Uganda