Supporting companies’ occupational safety and health performance: A guide for Employers and Business Membership Organizations on OSH advocacy and services


For companies, managing health and safety at work is not only a question of legal compliance or avoiding losses linked to accidents at work. Good OSH performance can improve workers motivation and productivity, reduce absenteeism, help businesses attract talent, and secure public and private sector contracts. Good OSH performance is key to reputation management, and often seen as a crucial element of responsible business conduct. Employers and Business Membership organizations across the world are actively promoting healthy and safe work places providing OSH services such as information, trainings, and audits.
This publication presents examples of such initiatives. It also explores a variety of support measures and incentives that have been put in place in many countries to help companies, especially SMEs, manage health and safety at work.

Client:  International Labour Organization

Date: 2019

Location: Switzerland

Scope: World

Language: Spanish, English