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Identifying opportunities to improve through learning experiences

Inspiring trust and confidence to ensure sustainability in a global economy

Do you need to improve your workplace?

Creating personalized, targeted and effective experiences.


Our objective is to create useful solutions based on real understanding.

Effective solutions are our primary purpose

Our goal is to solve problems. Yes, when we talk about people and their work, we’re not afraid to talk about problems because identifying problems is the first step to finding effective solutions. Effective solutions ensure productivity improvements and increased profits.

15 years of experience as a motor of development

We help you improve your business by addressing your challenges and building your employees capacity and skills and of those of your business partners. For over 15 years we’ve been working in this field and that gives us the experience and vision necessary to lead change.

We work with companies that commit to change

We share the effort with companies that commit to change and actively participate in the process. Companies that engage with their employees and their suppliers. Those companies know it will entail greater economic and human benefit to all. This approach also makes us –and them- different.

We overcome the traditional capacity building process to go much further.
  • Our learning experiences are active and people-oriented.
  • We design each action for each client and for every need.

Improvingworklife process

  1. The client contacts us to convey their needs.
  2. We help the client identify specific problems and possible causes.
  3. We visualise what we want to achieve and determine the learning objectives.
  1. We design the learning experience.
  2. We deliver the learning experience, either by conducting the sessions or through local trainers under our supervision.
  1. We assess the quality of the learning experience and its contents.
  2. We assess the learning, impact and effectiveness.
  1. We monitor the implementation of learning and change.
  2. We train trainers to ensure the continuity of practices and their extension to other workplaces or suppliers of the same group.
  3. Help design policies and procedures to ensure change happens in practice.

Our ProcessHow we work

We deliver solutions through learning experiences. We make learning engaging and effective. We make the complex effortless.


Solution design


Production cycle


Activity performance

Traditional process vs improvingworklife process

Traditional: Based on the overview of client / multinational / company

improvingworklife: A real consultancy is performed.

No direct referencesDirect to the target, avoiding geographical, cultural and communicative distances
Actors partially involvedRespecting and involving all stakeholders and their interests (multinational, CSR, business and supplier factories, managers and workers themselves) in the process. No intermediaries but under the supervision of all levels of hierarchy.
We work with structureRespecting the structure. We work with people.


Nonspecific needs

Identifying problems and causes

A general consideration that is partially adjusted during the process A definite, specific situation with the real problems identified in their origin since phase one
Delays and distortions Fast acting, avoiding distortions
Less involvement of stakeholders. A total involvement of the actors. They experience change, learn and understand they are the protagonist as role models
Increased cost of transportation and physical working for a less effective result Lower economic cost. Excellent ratio efficacy / investment

Traditional: training content agreed with the company

improvingworklife: Activities, actions, and trainings aimed at changing behaviours.

Based on the level of knowledge of HR or CSR managersEngages all stakeholders (company, responsible for CSR, suppliers, workers) their needs and interests
Training not adjusted to working environment. Senior levels organise the trainingInternal learning process that involves everyone and that arises from the work environment at all levels


General training product

Learning Experience
Effective training but with general content.Learning process with and from the very reality of all stakeholders
Rigid training. Flexible training. Active Learning
Feeling of imposition. Unnatural.Feeling of participation. Organic process
Lack of commitment. Little involvement of some levels of hierarchy.Increased engagement. Identification and recognition.

Traditional: Assessing training

improvingworklife: Measuring Learning, Impact and Effectiveness.

Traditional: Assessing training improvingworklife: Measuring Learning, Impact and Effectiveness
Quality of training Impact and assimilated concepts during learning.
Acceptance of training Effectiveness and acceptance of the proposed tools.
Level of internalization of the content. Deep Learning.


Course assessment

Penetration and assimilation measurements

Course evaluation metrics+ Assessment of learning. Understanding of concepts and their integration in behaviour.
+ Design of internal policies to apply.
+ Establishment of trends.

We implement our process gradually and respectfully, trying to add our components to traditional training approaches to promote further developments and improvements.


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